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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A damaged non-homogeneous Timoshenko beam model for a dam subjected to aging effects 1-gen-2021 Bernardino, Chiaia; Valerio De, Biagi; Placidi, L
A review of presentations and discussions of the Workshop "Computational Mechanics of Generalized Continua and Applications to Materials with Microstructure" that was held in Catania 29-31/10/2015 1-gen-2017 Misra, Anil; Placidi, L; Scerrato, Daria
At the origins and in the vanguard of peridynamics, non-local and higher gradient continuum mechanics. An underestimated and still topical contribution of Gabrio Piola 1-gen-2015 Dell'Isola, Francesco; Andreaus, Ugo; Placidi, L
Computation of brittle fracture propagation in strain gradient materials by the FEniCS library 1-gen-2021 E., Barchiesi; H., Yang; Tran, C. A.; Placidi, L; Wh, Mueller
Deformation of an elastic magnetizable square rod due to a uniform electric current inside the rod and an external transverse magnetic field. 1-gen-2016 A. R., El Dhaba; A. F., Ghaleb; Placidi, L
Euromech 563 Cisterna di Latina 17-21 March 2014 Generalized continua and their applications to the design of composites and metamaterials: A review of presentations and discussions 1-gen-2017 Placidi, L; Ivan, Giorgio; Alessandro Della, Corte; Daria, Scerrato
Hemivariational continuum approach for granular solids with damage-induced anisotropy evolution 1-gen-2021 Dmitry, Timofeev; Emilio, Barchiesi; Anil, Misra; Placidi, L
A hemivariational damageable elastoplastic vertex-spring model for masonry analysis In corso di stampa Anthony Tran, Chuong; James Leòn Trujillo, Francisco; Salvatori, Antonello; Solci, Margherita; Causin, Andrea; Placidi, Luca; Barchiesi, Emilio
Mechanical Metamaterials: a state of the art 1-gen-2019 Emilio, Barchiesi; Mario, Spagnuolo; Placidi, L
On the dependence of standard and gradient elastic material constants on a field of defects 1-gen-2020 Yury, Solyaev; Sergey, Lurie; Emilio, Barchiesi; Placidi, L
Reflection and transmission of plane waves at surfaces carrying material properties and embedded in second gradient materials 1-gen-2014 Placidi, L; Giuseppe, Rosi; Ivan Giorgio and Angela, Madeo
Semi-inverse method à la Saint-Venant for two-dimensional linear isotropic homogeneous second gradient elasticity 1-gen-2017 Placidi, L; Amr Ramadan El, Dhaba
Special Issue in Honor of Eron L Aero 1-gen-2016 Victor A., Eremeyev; Alexey V., Porubov; Placidi, L
The relaxed linear micromorphic continuum: existence, uniqueness and continuous dependence in dynamics 1-gen-2015 Ghiba, Ionel-Dumitrel; Neff, Patrizio; Madeo, Angela; Placidi, L; Rosi, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 14 di 14
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